Active Threat Survival and Life-Saving Training

at Your Business/Organization 

We come to your business/organization and conduct a free threat assessment to help you prepare your employees and space with life-saving equipment and training.  We offer survival and life-saving training to help your employees become more confident and train them to know what to do to escape, barricade or fight an active threat.  The training also includes life-saving bleeding control training and, if desired, American Heart Association CPR/AED/First Aid certification.

Human reactions to threats include fight, flight or freeze when confronted with an active threat emergency.  Our training helps remove the freeze response by teaching employees to escape, barricade and fight back against an active shooter.  We include up close and personal weapons disarming techniques, distraction techniques, teamwork and subduing active shooters.  Make your company locations active threat ready to respond and fight back to save lives.

Call John today, or email him at, for a quote and free consultation.  Our goal is to give everyone in the country the ability to fight back and save lives.  Let's work together to lessen the loss of lives and injuries from active threat situations.