Everyone should know CPR!  Imagine how many lives could be saved if people knew CPR and got involved to help others.  It is extremely important for bystanders to get involved and start CPR as soon as possible when someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest.  The first few minutes after a person's heart stops beating are vital to the person's survival.  If CPR is started immediately and continued until EMS arrives, a person has a much better chance of surviving.

CPR is easy to learn and may help you save a relative or friend's life.  Contact us today to join a local class.

When condo/homeowner associations and organizations organize training for residents/employees, we donate $5 of each person's training fee to the association/company/organization.  At least $18 of each fee also goes to the American Heart Association for the individual's certification card.  We give back while you learn to give...life saving CPR!

Fill out the registration form on this site and indicate a course you are interested in.  We will send you a list of upcoming courses if they are not updated on this site.  Managers, please call John at (772) 267-3996 or email us at prui404@ymail.com.  We will help you set up training at your organization or community. 

We conduct CPR/AED/First Aid training on location at your employer/organization.  

CPR/AED/First Aid Training