State of the Art Mobile Shoot / Don't Shoot

Judgmental Scenario Based Training (See slideshow below)

We have expanded our training courses to include a state-of-the-art simulator that includes scenario-based shoot / don't shoot judgmental training.  We have many courses of fire to include custom range courses, competition courses, and scenario based courses.  We have many different scenarios to raise your adrenaline and make you a better shooter without setting foot on a live range.  When you do go to the firing range, you will be taking the bullseye out!!

This scenario-based training is unlike any training you have had.  We utilize name brand blowback guns that recoil just like their real cousins without any danger.  The slides cycle and the gun emits infrared shots.  The suspects in the scenario react to the shots.  Shoot or be shot!  Shoot or be stabbed!  Or, shoot an unarmed person.  The combinations are endless.  Come and experience what officers experience on the street without any danger to you.  This is addicting and will make you a much better shooter.  Slots fill up fast!

We can certify all eligible trainees in concealed weapons and walk them through the Florida concealed weapons application process.  We provide reality based true to life scenarios that will get your adrenaline flowing.  React in a split second like law enforcement to shoot or don't shoot.  Stop a threat or be a victim!  This is unique and new to the public.  email us for information and rates.  Call today to set up your private group session.  Our schedule  is posted on this website, but you can go to our new website at and schedule online.  Look at some pics of a few scenarios below.

Call (772) 267-3996, email us at or register on our new Professional Training School website at and we will call you back to get you scheduled.  You will love this training because it is as realistic as it gets without any danger or expensive ammunition.


Come shoot in our HD Shoot/Don't Shoot simulator at our training center in Stuart, Florida..