Active Threat Survival Boot Camps 

We now have active threat survival boot camps at our property and outdoor range in Okeechobee, Florida. We do two-day boot camps from Fall through Spring and one-day camps (all-day) in summer due to rainy season. The one- and two-day training camps include a combination of the following depending upon the one-day or two-day course:

Situational Awareness

Survival Mindset Training

Soft verses Hard Targets

Abnormals in a Normal Environment

Signs of Trouble - See Something, Say Something

Resources for Help

Responding to Emergency Events at your Workplace

​     Knowing Where Exits Are


     Distraction Techniques

     Weapons Disarming Techniques

     Self Defense

Stop the Bleed (Bleeding Control Training)

CPR/AED/First Aid



Drawing Practice on Range

Live Fire Training on the Range

Clearing jams during live-fire practice

Shooting from barricaded positions

Much more!

We provide lunch, dinner and campfire marshmallow roasting on the first day and breakfast and lunch on day two of the two-day camps and lunch on the one-day camps.  This is an action-packed one or two-day event unlike any other experience you have ever had.  Our instructor John is a retired Police Chief with 34+ years of law enforcement experience and he is a United States Coast Guard Veteran.  He has been a firearms instructor and security guard school instructor for years.  He is also an American Heart Association CPR/AED/First Aid and Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) instructor.  All of this is combined into one high impact training weekend.  

You are welcome to camp in our 12-person tent on the two-day camp, stay in a local Okeechobee hotel, bring your own small RV or just drive to our location each morning.  We provide cots and cot pads for tent camping.  You just need a sleeping bag, bed linens and pillow.

This unbelievable weekend two-day training experience costs only $600 per person and space is limited as we only do small groups of less than 10 people at a time for a more personalized training experience. The one-day camp costs $400 per person.  The camp property is a beautiful parklike setting. Call or email us today at (772) 267-3996 or Check our schedule on this website. If a weekend is clear, it might be available for your bootcamp. We require a minimum of 4 persons to conduct a boot camp.